Keemstar is a very controversial Youtuber

History Edit

Basically Keemstar stated out as a member of F@G but moved on to Youtube Drama where he made alot of enemies via.doxx threats,stream raiding,slander,domestic violence,starting fights.etc

DramaAlert Edit

DramaAlert is his only channel which he claims not to have ownership of and ulpoads videos often on.He is well know for having an infamous fanbase who still follow him up to this day.

Things he has done Edit

  • Accused an old man of being a criminal
  • Claimed Leafy was a sub botter without evidence
  • One time on a stream an underage fan of his showed him her anus (uncensored) and him not clicking away may count as distribution of child pornography
  • Revealing Scarce's skype
  • Raiding streams
  • Beating his girlfriend
  • Starting a fight over ham
  • Calling a guy named Alex the N word

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